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Pastor Ronald Lindsay, Senior Pastor

Ronald Lindsay, Pastor of the Concord Fortress of Hope Church in Kansas City, Missouri, is a compassionate, educated, and insightful spiritual leader with over 22 years of ministry experience. Leading the Concord Fortress of Hope Church together with a dedicated team, Pastor Ronald Lindsay provides a variety of ministries for families, children, and individuals.

Commissioned to preach Christ to the underprivileged in the Ruskin Heights-Hickman Mills area and its neighboring communities, Pastor Ronald Lindsay is devoted to lifting up spiritual and physical standard of living through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Ronald Lindsay’s church strives to equip its members with spiritual tools and resources to do extraordinary things for God and their community through the power of the Holy Spirit. Concord Fortress of Hope Church

offers numerous ministries and programs designed to serve its varied membership, including ministries for children, teens and young adults, singles and couples, and families of all sizes.

Pastor Ronald Lindsay is a visionary well known for his integrity and humility. In addition to leading his religious congregation, Pastor Ronald Lindsay demonstrates his love of God to all those he meets. Pastor Ronald Lindsay serves as Chairman of the Board of Hope Community Development Corporation, a regional organization working to develop the South Kansas City area. He also serves as a Board member of the Eastland division of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. In association with A Call to Oneness and the Missouri Department of Transportation, Pastor Ronald Lindsay led a local effort to train over 1,500 Kansas City residents for the Commercial Driver’s License exam, generating employment opportunities for his community.

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